Social Media Press Kit (SMPK) - Get Yours Today!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
November 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
November 2011

What is a SMPK? It is a button you can add to your signature (or anywhere) that takes the user to a page the contains all the places you are on the web via one-click! Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Your Blog, YouTube, etc. Plus, you can imbed a video and info about you and your work, a profile pic, and some one-click links to other places too (like a buy link for your book, your publisher, etc.) It also has a twitter feed of your tweets The site is

It is NOT free - I believe it is $10.95 for your button and page, but I thought that was pretty cheap to create a page dedicated to where people can find me on the web. It looks professional and is totally customizable. Here is mine, check it out and see if you would like to create yours!

I created my 'logo' on as a business card (I didn't buy it), but put it in my cart, previewed it, and saved the image to my computer to use as my 'logo'.

Let me know your thoughts!  Question? Just ask!!!  Cheers!!! Jan

PS: Here's my SMPK button, click on it to take you to my page to see what it is like:

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  • Martha Rodriguez

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for sharing.  I really like this.  Looks like it's definitely worth it for the cost.