Start Your Own Online Newspaper! So Easy and FREE!!!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
November 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
November 2011

Hey everyone! I've been busy with NANOWRIMO, so my posts have not been on schedule, sorry about that, but I am back with a quick one about starting your own online newspaper, and it is soooo easy, FREE - and kind of fun too!!!  The site I am talking about is I just started an online newspaper about, of course, book marketing and promotion!  You can find it at:

You can subscribe to papers you like and receive an email when it is published with a link to it.

Basically, it automatically populates your newspaper with articles from your pre-chosen twitterers, facebook, RSS feeds, google + users, and keywords on twitter and google +. You can choose how often to publish (daily, weekly, etc.) and when your paper is published, it automatically is promoted on twitter. You can go in and edit what content to delete or make your top story.  

What to do: 1) decide what you want your newspaper to be about; 2) find awesome people on twitter and FB, etc. to add as your content; 3) publish and promote it!!!

You can even make it like your own weekly newsletter, by having it just follow you and your posts on Twitter, FB and google+.  They also have a feature you can add then when you are on a page you want to include in your paper, you can automatically include it. It is sooooo easy!

Thoughts? Comments? Do you have a newspaper? If so, please shar your link!!  Cheers!  Jan 

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  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks for stopping by Nancy! Best of luck to you!  Cheers! Jan

  • Nancy MacMillan

    Hi Jan - What a terrific idea!!  Thanks for sharing.  Must rush off to work, but will definitely check it out later.  I'll be checking into Doreen's as well.  Set my book release date for July 4th, 2012 and hope this newspaper can help spread the word about an important topic.  Again, many thanks.

    Nancy MacMillan @

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    I subscribed Doreen! Thanks again for sharing your paper! Jan

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks Doreen! I love chocolate!!! I'll check it out! Cheers! Jan

  • Doreen Pendgracs

    I have my own li-paper! It's "Chocolatour News" and a prelude to my book, Chocolatour, and partner to my chocolate travel blog.

    If you love chocolate (and what woman doesn't!) please check out Chocolatour News & subscribe at

    They're fabulous, as you choose whose tweets you want the computerized robot to follow, and you decide which hashtags (categories) of tweets you want to include in the paper.