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  • The Conversation: "I Self-Published Myself and You're Jealous!"
The Conversation: "I Self-Published Myself and You're Jealous!"
Written by
Laura Zigman
November 2011
Written by
Laura Zigman
November 2011

Hi She Writes Community!

I'm thrilled to be posting one of my "Conversation" movies -- part of a series of almost 20 annoying conversations using this really fun (and free!) software, Xtranormal.com.  I started making these short movies as a way to warm up for starting another novel (for those of you who weren't' born yet, my first novel, Animal Husbandry, was published in 1998 and later made into the movie, "Someone Like You" in 2001: three more of my novels came later: Dating Big Bird, Her, and Piece of Work). Soon I forgot all about starting a new novel and instead became obsessed with the immediacy of this funny-movie-making medium and how it's all about THE DIALOGUE -- both literally and figuratively. I've been posting them on my own personal "Brant" (Brag + Rant = "Brant") at www.laurazigman.wordpress.com for the past month (and on Facebook and Twitter), and last week Entertainment Weekly's "Shelf Life Column" featured one of them!  If you like this "Conversation" I hope you'll visit my site or go to my YouTube Channel and continue to visit my She Writes blog since I'll be posting a movie here every week. Stop by and say hello so we can start having our own (Frenemy-less) conversations! And why not try making your own Xtranormal.com video? 


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  • Regina Y. Swint

    @Laura...I own your book, Her, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I picked it up from my local library a year or so ago, and read it in a matter of days.  Didn't realize I was on a site with an author of whom I am a recent fan.  Cool.  I will definitely go to your site and YouTube channel for more of these movies.  They look so fun.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura Zigman

    Congratulations Joanne! I'll be looking for your novel. I'm impressed AND jealous (<--but in a GOOD way)!

  • Joanne Tombrakos

    This is hysterical! I just self-published my first novel, The Secrets They Kept,and now I can hardly wait to make my own movie. Heading to xtranormal right now! Thank you! I'll be looking for your next conversation!

  • Laura Zigman

    Thanks Erin, Michelle, and Veronica!

  • Erin Emerson

    This is brilliant!  Love it, tweeted it, will watch it repeatedly.  I'm not even a LOL-er and I became a ROFLMAO-er.

  • Michelle O\'Neil

    Very funny!

  • Veronica Young