Written by
Erin Emerson
November 2011
Written by
Erin Emerson
November 2011

After looking forward to NANOWRIMO for the past few months, Day 1 has arrived.  My NANOWRIMO purist standards mean that I'm starting day 1 without a thought in my head about the novel, or where the story will go.  Today was a little daunting, committing to 2,000 words a day of I-don't-know-what-the-hell-happens.  

An idea did come to me.  As I toyed with first sentences, the idea transformed.  As a follower of Stephen King's recommended practices in On Writing, I am following the "What if...?" situation.  My 'what if' is "What if a single woman devotes a year to finding her ideal mate".  

I'm warming to the main character, but still unsure of what her world looks like yet.  Since I have only the month of November to figure this out, I hope it come to me quickly.  

  I welcome all tips and comments and look forward to hearing about my fellow SheWriters' experiences!



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