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  • How change happens - four weeks to a different you
How change happens - four weeks to a different you
Written by
Satya Robyn
November 2011
Written by
Satya Robyn
November 2011

This will be the last post from me for a while, so I hope you'll forgive me one last cat menagerie photo, and one last cat anecdote. We're a little obsessed in our household at the moment - it's bound to wear off soon!

When our kittens Tsuki & Roshi arrived, our old man cat Fatty (left) was NOT pleased.

He'd only need a sniff of them and he'd be out the house in a flash. He was terrified of them.

Only four weeks later, he's willing to climb onto the bed and sleep this close to them. I even walked in yesterday to see that Roshi had snuggled up close to Fatty's belly. 

Granted, he's still not too keen on them when they're in racing-around-the-room-mode, but still... things have changed beyond recognition.

This is what is possible in four weeks. We can change beyond recognition. 

What helps us to change? 

Sometimes something happens (kittens move in) and we're forced to adapt. But more often we need some kind of energy to get us moving. This energy can come from potential negative consequence (if I don't get down to my writing then I won't meet my deadline) or potential positive consequences (if I clean my kitchen then I can enjoy using it to make lasagne). 

Once we've got going, then we need to find space in our lives-as-they-are for something new to emerge. Perseverance is easier when we put some structures in place. And help from others is essential to get us through the sticky bits. We're more likely to succeed if there are people accompanying us on our journey, cheering us on.   

It helped Fatty that we allowed him to get used to the kittens in his own time. We gave him lots of space. We gave him structure (the kittens were kept in one room for a few days, and he still gets our bed to himself at night). We gave him lots of tuna. But most importantly, we gave him LOTS of love.  

Let me offer you this kind of space during November (without the tuna). Four weeks to a different experience of yourself and your world. Write Yourself Alive.

TODAY IS THE LAST REGISTRATION DAY for my ecourse Writing Yourself Alive (which starts on Monday the 7th of November and is running in partnership with She Writes).

You'll receive themed essays, daily inspirational emails, writing exercises and a private group here with a lovely fellow She Writes members to share your journey with. The structure will help you find the space you need for yourself and for your writing.

Find out more and register here - once you're registered I'll get the pre-course material sent out to you. It'd be wonderful to have you along.



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