Written by
NaKesha Brown
November 2011
Written by
NaKesha Brown
November 2011

Well, I have done it. I have procrastinated until I can procrastinate no more. November first is less than two hours away and still haven’t done my outline. I told myself, self this year you are going to write an outline, you are going to be super prepared and utterly successful. Yeah, didn’t happen.

I still plan to complete the nanowrimo 50,000 word challenge. However, I’m adding an extra challenge for myself to write outside my normal genre and in the ultra popular paranormal genre. I know, I feel like I’m setting myself up for disaster too. Everyone has to start somewhere though, right?

Nevertheless, I still feel somewhat prepared and ready for this writing challenge. I have my idea, my main characters, my main plot (somewhat) the rest will come. Here’s to hope. Welcome November! Are you ready?

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