Spas and Tarot
Written by
Theresa Varela
October 2011
Written by
Theresa Varela
October 2011

The two have more in common than you think. Spas and tarot are about taking care of one's spiritual side. We, as our tarot decks, should be pampered. Both probably do better away from the maddening crowd. Remember the last time you went to a spa? At some point you looked down at your body and realized someone had wrapped you lovingly in a thick white robe. There was probably a sash tied around your waist protecting your nude bod from whatever elements were at large. The operative word is protected. You were bound, secure and away from it all- just as your tarot deck should be. What other thoughts come to mind when we think of spas? Massage, Fresh fruit, sparkling water and candles, of course.


Massages help to knead away our worries and cares. They help to ease the tensions that we’ve gathered into our muscles, tissues and ligaments. Chemicals that accumulate due to stress healthily disperse and are eased on their way to being excreted. Our true and calmer selves are able to emerge. While we don’t exactly massage our tarot decks, we do handle them. We work our fingers over them as we ready to pull a spread. Our cards become acquainted with the energy of the reader. The one who is being read will also touch the cards.  This awakens the cards too- to a state of energy that will allow the natures that must come forth for an illuminated read to be carried forth.

Candles help us to focus on a specific thing. We conjure images that are pertinent and dispel what is extraneous to our well- being when we have them near us during a read or a spa experience. The spark of the flame is also symbolic of the fire within that keeps us alive- our essential energy source.  We get to know ourselves more deeply by meditating, listening to our bodies, thoughts and emotions. We learn when our fire needs to be low on simmer or on high. We must take care not to go on bonfire mode- destroying everything on sight when we are off balance.

Water is an essential channeling medium. Concepts equated with water are clarity, hydrating sustenance and negativity of the good kind- the yin to the yang, the feminine, which open the doors to intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience. The cleansing rituals attached to spas and tarot allow for opening and cleansing of the environments where spiritual activities take place. Those are just a very few of the gifts water can bring.

Fruit is important after the session to help restore depleted energy. It can also be used as an offering to thank the spirits for the messages they've shared. Wait a minute, you might say! Depleted energy? How many of us have had a royal spa treatment and went home to sleep? I had a lower back pain recently after a supremely excellent massage. During tarot readings and spa treatments areas we don’t usually access are within reach. In a relaxed state we’re open to whatever those lovely energies bring. Whenever we endeavor into an unusual activity we should eat and rest.

Another good reason to envelop your tarot deck in a specially chosen cloth or box gives it the signal that it's sleepy time- time to rest. My body is conditioned to snooze the minute I snuggle under the covers and my tarot is too. When we are awakened by the light of day or silvery moonlight, we are given the signal that our energy has been revitalized and it’s time to begin again. You will feel refreshed and so will your deck. Yawn! Stretch!

Why not treat yourself to a read, a new tarot deck or an afternoon at the spa? If you have any other ideas, press comment and share. I’d love to hear them!

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