Child Safety Tips - October Newsletter
Written by
Jill Starishevsky
October 2011
Written by
Jill Starishevsky
October 2011


1.    All children should be accompanied by adults.
2.    Costumes and masks should not impair or obstruct mobility, sight or hearing.
3.    Children should carry flashlights and wear reflective clothing.
4.    Trick-or-treaters should take extra caution when crossing streets and intersections, especially after dark.
5.    Trick-or-treaters should never enter homes or buildings of strangers.
6.    Children should have personal identification information on their persons in case of emergency or accidental separation.
7.    Children should avoid poorly lit areas.
8.    Parents should examine all Halloween candy for signs of tampering.
9.    Never allow children to eat open or unwrapped candy.
10.   When in doubt: follow your instincts. Don't open your door to strangers that may be trying to pass themselves off as trick-or-treaters.
I recommend parents take a digital photo of their trick-or-treater at the beginning of the night.  If you become separated, the photo will help others identify and locate your child and also may serve to remind you what he or she is wearing should you go into panic mode.  A happy and safe Halloween to all!
In other news:
It was a huge week in New York as our State Senators announced their intention to pass a law which would require child sexual abuse prevention education in New York Schools.  See the story here.
Are your State Senators introducing a similar law in your state?  Find out and let us know. Visit us on Facebook and let your voice be heard.



Jill Starishevsky is a mother of three and a prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes in New York City.  In October 2006, Jill launched to support parents and their children. is the first online nanny reporting service that works to keep children safe by enabling parents to receive positive or negative feedback on their child's caregiver. Jill is also the author of "My Body Belongs to Me", a children's book intended to prevent child sexual abuse by teaching 3-8 year olds their bodies are private.


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