She Writes Video Moment #6: Shadows and Light
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
October 2011
Written by
Kathleen Sweeney
October 2011
If you have yet to see Miwa Matreyek's extraordinary interweave of video, animation and live shadow play, you are in for a dose of awe. The illusions are so seamless, it's difficult to discern where projections and performance begin and end.

This is the world of wordless poetics, so seemingly simple it enters the realm of epiphany.

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  • Kathleen Sweeney

    Miwa Matreyek has a series of videos around the web, with this her second performance at TedTalks...something fantastical and illuminating...definite wow factor...thanks so much for responding...I am in awe of her!

  • This is so beautifully relaxing to watch and listen to. Very clever too.


  • Jean Henry Mead


  • Barbara Bell

    This was moving and very eloquent in its simplicity. But I'm sure the creation and preparation were not so simple!

  • June Phyllis Baker

    This was amaing! I   loved it.

  • Frannie Sheridan

    Charming and Innovative:) Love the inherent feminine magic. Thank you!

  • Atiya


  • Savannah Ollar Jordan

    Beautiful, don't think I've seen anything like it..when the imagination is freed, beauty comes. 

  • karen lesley markin

    this is so clever! well done