knit one.....change the world
Written by
Pam Lee-miller
October 2011
Written by
Pam Lee-miller
October 2011


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mohandas Gandhi

This morning as I let the dogs out at 4 am, I looked up at the stars.  The wonder of it took my breath and I stood there in awe of my own smallness in the world.  The dark sky coupled with the light of the tiny stars took my breath for a moment and I wondered how in such a huge world, universe,

galaxy----I might stand on my own back porch--looking sexy hot in my t-shirt and wild hair

and gaze out.   As I stood, I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving for my many blessings---my family that slept inside, Big Daddy and a world of surprises, my off color children who were keep me laughing and on my toes--snuggled all in their bed, food for my stomach, gym waiting for me down the street and hot coffee brewing and inviting me to wake up....


I stood

just me

the sky


the Universal Love


meeting for just a brief moment---and it was a great way to start the morning.


As I did my morning routine before heading to the gym, I checked my e-mail and facebook accounts.

As I perused the updates, I noticed an old minister friend from long ago mentioning something about Rumpelstiltskein and scarfs and Congolese caught my eye....

I read some more and

found my way to her web page and etsy store at  Rumplestiltskein (

To make her story short, in support of our sisters in another place,

she is using remnants of yarn to change the world one stitch at a time.

Please take a moment to go over and visit her site and perhaps buy something to feed our brothers and sisters in the Congo. 


so there was my message from the Universe for the day....

standing under the sky

becoming one with the universe

is not an alone kind of thing


heart strings thrown out to the four corners of the world--

small things

yarn and needles and a spark of an idea...

trusting that a difference can be made...

having the faith---to stick out a toe, a finger, a scarf--


then allowing God's grace to take over and hope to float up---

that's how a difference can be made.


Please check out the site,

say a prayer for my old friend's cause,

buy a scarf,

feed the world.


It all starts with us.....

with me...


being the change I want to see.


LeAnn---thanks for the morning inspiration---

may we all

move out and change the world

by using our gifts


having a bit of faith and courage.


Blessings to all of you...


now go on over and buy a scarf!!!!!





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