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  • 7 Risks For Single Mothers & The Art of Managing Them
7 Risks For Single Mothers & The Art of Managing Them
Written by
Marian Evans
October 2011
Written by
Marian Evans
October 2011


Labour Weekend in New Zealand. A good time to upload 7 Risks for Single Mothers; & the Art of Managing Them, written from my own long experience as a single mother, with stories and ideas from other single mothers.

When I finished writing 7 Risks, ages ago, I gave copies or extracts to the single mothers who helped me, and to others who had supported me. And then I abandoned the project. I’d learned what I needed to know for myself, and felt uncomfortable exposing my weaknesses as a mother and a human being any further. Who was I to give advice? Even though the ‘you’ in the text is often me-the-writer, talking to me-who-wants-to-learn. 

But I built on one 7 Risks theme for my Master of Laws thesis, and am proud that my LLM was awarded with Distinction. Other themes made their way into my Creative Writing PhD, into my screenplays, and—of course—stayed with me in my daily life, where I continued to use the principles I'd discovered. An extract from one chapter is about to appear in Exercise Book.

Then one of my single mother mates had a clean up, came across her copy and sat down and (re)read it. It’s good, she said. Useful. Why didn’t you do something more with it? She's a fine, critical, reader. So I listened. And then I explained why I'd left it unused. 

And then, Blogger came up with its Dynamic format. I decided to experiment with using it to publish a free book, and to learn if other single mothers think 7 Risks make sense and is useful, and have ideas about how it can be better. My warm thanks to all the single mothers who shared their lives and their stories with me, over years and years, and to all the other people who helped along the way. I hope 7 Risks shows how much I appreciate them. When I wrote 7 Risks, I was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit, so it is also my warm thank you to taxpayers, a wee gift in appreciation of their support. 

I've left the original references, and plan to add more recent material soon. And I have a new Twitter account to go with the book: @7R4SM.

Please comment anywhere you want! I'd love to hear what you think!

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