Why Do I Write?
Written by
NaKesha Brown
October 2011
Written by
NaKesha Brown
October 2011
Simple answer. I breathe; therefore I write. I couldn't imagine not writing. When I was young in my room all alone, a pen and paper kept me company, entertained me. Writing has always been my outlet. If I had something to say and my shyness got in the way, I was always able to write. If a boy broke my heart or upset me I could express my feelings better on paper than face to face.  I'm not a big talker.
The only thing I miss about the , is the time I was able to devote to writing. No interruptions, no distractions, just writing time. I'd cut the TV off, silence the and get lost in my own imagination for hours.
Writing keeps me sane. I swear I have schizophrenic conversations all the time. This character can do this, go there, have this happen. I'm in my own world, just thinking, thinking. And until I put the idea on paper, I'm constantly thinking.
Right now, my problem is execution. I'm in the process of honing my craft. It's not just about the idea, its about sentence structure, dialogue, verb usage and grammar. Because its not just about writing something like in the past, its about writing something good, amazing, outstanding.
Ahem, so back on topic. Why do I write? Because I have to.

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