How a Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Writes? You Won't Believe It!
Written by
Valerie J. Brooks
October 2011
Written by
Valerie J. Brooks
October 2011

Check out my latest Captain Val post for this one!

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  • Valerie J. Brooks

    The description of your muse made me laugh, Carol. Thanks! Yes, I often say my muse is down at the bar feeling sorry for herself. Fun how we create persona for them. My other friend has a big muscled handsome muse who wines and dines her. Maybe we need to visualize our muses differently? Ha! (She writes romance so I can see how that works.

    Thanks for responding and reading my blog.

  • Carol Hand

    Hi Val, nice blog! I love your January 31 muse post. I sometimes feel like my muse is fast asleep in my big toe, and other times the little trouble maker is dancing around on my shoulder taunting me. lol