All About TweetChats!!!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011

Have you heard of or participated in Tweetchats? You can use it to filter out all tweets in your twitterstream that do not contain the topic you've chosen (like #writing), thereby creating a group that can chat together. Groups can pick a certain time to meet and chat. It is REALLY easy to use!


1) You need to have a twitter account

2) Go to

3) At the top of the page, put the topic in the blank (after the #)

4) Click Sign In, giving permission for Tweetchat to authenticate your Twitter

 (Note: If you want to sign in as a different user, sign out in Twitter and return to TweetChat)

5) The twitterstream will include only those posts that contain the key word (hashtag) you've chosen. You can reply, re-tweet, and mark as favorite right on Tweetchat. There is also a "user control" button to either feature twitterers you like or block spammers too.

6) Each tweet you make automatically gets the key word added, then the tweetchat room updates. It is chatting, but via Twitter!


So, what Tweetchats are out there??? Here is a listing, which is sorted by day of the week, and alphabetically, so you can find ones you are interested in and have time for!

Here is another list: TweetChats


It's easy to make up your own tweetchat.  Just decide on a time and hashtag and send out a note to your friends or colleagues!  Example:  #crazyladywriters Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm CST (I just made this up, it isn't real)  So, what would you do? Go to Tweetchat at 8pm on Wednesday and enter crazyladywriters in the blank and click on 'sign in'. And WA-LA! There's your tweetchat!


Do you have any tweetchats to share?  Thanks and Cheers!  Jan

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  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Deb, I can't keep up with myself either!! I have onl checked out a couple tweetchats - been too busy working on my WIP!!! Have a great weekend!  Jan

  • Deborah Batterman

    I think you're terrific, Jan, really . . . even if I (sometimes) can't keep up with you. ;-)

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks for the info Kelly! I'll have to check those out!

    Hi Tia - thanks for stopping by!!!  Cheers - Jan

  • Kelly Hashway

    I use #kidlitchat (Tuesdays 9pm EST), #yalitchat (Wednesdays 9pm EST). I know there's also #pblitchat (monday) and #mglitchat (thursday). I haven't checked them out yet though. Too many to keep up with.

  • Tia Silverthorne Bach

    Great information. Thanks for sharing!