An Angel Without Wings
Written by
Martha Rodriguez
October 2011
Written by
Martha Rodriguez
October 2011

I can’t see her wings but I know she’s an angel.  Maybe she’s hiding her wings under her dress.  I wish I could see them and touch them.  Will they be as I imagine, soft and white as a cloud?


She is old because she’s lived on Earth for a long time.  When I think about her as a young woman, I see her in black and white, like an old picture you find in a box in the closet.  Her face is pretty, her skin is soft and her eyes are as black as the night.  She looks like an angel.


Her face is soft and sweet but she is not quiet or shy.  Her voice is loud and happy.  I can hear it all over the house and it makes me want to talk and laugh with her.  I’m not sure this is how angels are supposed to be.  Maybe God was trying something new when he made her.


Her arms are strong but gentle, and always open.  I come in close for her endless hugs, always feeling how much she loves me by how hard she squeezes me.  When I hug her back there are no wings beneath her dress as I had hoped, but I know she’s an angel.


Her room is neat and clean.  Her bed is made but she doesn’t mind when I sit on it to watch her sew.  She tells me stories about when she was a little girl.  My favorite story is about jumping over barrels on roller skates.  I think that’s her favorite story, too.  It sounds scary but I guess it’s easy to jump high when you have wings.


When she cooks, pots and pans bang together and delicious smells come out of the kitchen.  She lets me taste the fluffy rice or crunchy homemade French fries.  They taste good and feel warm in my stomach.  Angels are great cooks.  Haven’t you ever heard of Angel Food Cake?


She is not rich but she helps anyone who asks her for help.  She even helps people who are too shy to ask.  Sometimes she cries when she is hurt on the outside or on the inside.  But she laughs more than she cries because she has been loved more than she has been hurt.  Everyone loves angels.


Sometimes, angels and kids can have a bad day but my angel knows how to fix that.  We go for a walk or ride the bus to the pizzeria.  My angel never uses her wings to get us there but that’s okay because walking and riding the bus is always fun.


I wish every kid could have an angel of their own because angels are pretty, sweet, funny, and silly.  They also tell exciting stories and make great French fries. 


I’ve heard that angels are supposed to earn their wings by doing good things on Earth just like kids earn stars for their charts by being good at school.  I wonder what God is waiting for.  My angel’s star chart is full.



A short story by Martha Rodriguez

Copyright 2011

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