“What shall I write?”
Written by
Elena Ornig
October 2011
Written by
Elena Ornig
October 2011

Writing for a blog is fun or work?

A ‘blog’ is an online journal.  The term is an abbreviation of the term ‘web log’.   A journal is normally private, but not this type of journal.  Writing for a blog means writing for your visitors or random browsers on the Internet.  You write to share your publications with a specific category of visitors; or for everyone who cares to read.


If you haven’t got enough cash in your pocket-relax; go onto: http: http://bloggers.com/blogs , http://wordpress.com/ or http://bookblogs.ning.com/ – sign up and create a blog for free. Whatever you decide to join, your biggest question will be, “What shall I write?”


If you create your blog just for the personal pleasure of writing (fun), it is easy to choose the topics. Everything you are interested about, worried about, care about, get excited about, get frustrated about, and so on, are the greatest topic material for you to start with.  Once you start from here, you can continue with your friends’ or family interests, your colleagues’ interests, and so on. You can also choose to write your blog to express your personal opinion on any major issue that concerns the whole world or just one specific issue that you are passionate about. Any subject, objective or abstract, is yours to choose from.

If you decide to create your blog for business purposes, or set it up as a revenue stream, you will need to consider a different approach.  Business is all about a specific and deliberate approach to each publication on your blog.  Now you must think as a seller of your product.  The product doesn’t have to be yours as you can sell for others via affiliates programs, or for Google and its partners.  Now you have to concentrate on bringing specific traffic to your blog; this means promoting your blog to a targeted audience (customers or potential customers).  You have to find as many search engine directories as possible to register with; they will be potentially very good traffic and social media websites like Facebook.com or Twitter.com; or around 200 biggest social sites must be in your “join list”. Now you have to be deliberate.


However, whether for pleasure or business, please do not fall into the category of ‘chasers of the best bloggers’. They became best, because they were consistent with their topic and message and achieved their own originality and credibility.  If you start to copy and repeat, you risk becoming a chaser forever and not a leader in a chosen field. You have to be committed to your own message, to your own platform and to your own method of integration and communication.  Become authentic, original and unique and gain credibility. Reach out, connect and create dialog with your readers or customers and success will come.


Fun or work, it is really your choice, but staying in touch with millions of people is quite a rewarding process for every individual; after all, we are very social ‘animals’.  We need to say and receive feedback in order to reflect, rethink and reevaluate.


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