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  • What does your author photo say about you? Two She Writers rock.
What does your author photo say about you? Two She Writers rock.
Written by
Cynthia Hartwig
October 2011
Written by
Cynthia Hartwig
October 2011

Since joining She Writes, I've been wondering why so many writers are spending hours and hours crafting their written words while spending such little time presenting themselves well visually. Go to the membership page and pick out 5 photos and random. How many writers would you like to get to know?  The reality is that it's a visual world and writers who want to create a great platform have to think about their author portrait and what it conveys. 


I like to teach by emulation, rather than by pointing out how "not" to do something. So I'm posting two She Writers portraits that represent wonderfully confident and beautiful presentations.  Take a look first at Charlotte Sherman.  Charlotte's image shouts confidence. When I look at it, I see a strong, almost Amazonian presence that tells me volumes about how Charlotte approaches life. She's not some namby-pamby personality who hides her light in the closet. 


Angela takes a different approach that's equally effective. Angela shows herself in the middle of one of those great belly-laughs that have taken over her whole body.  She is not just a beautiful woman; she is confident in showing us her joy in life. This by extension communicates Angela's accessihttp://www.shewrites.com/profile/AngelaOrlowskiPearthttp://bility.  

Both author photos say to a prospective agent:  these women are likely to "represent" well. 

I'm guest blogging on the topic of how writers present themselves visually on Writers Rainbow, Tamara Sellman's excellent writing blog later in the week. I'll update this post when it's up.


In the meantime, shout out to Charlotte and Angela for jobs well done. You don't have to be beautiful to present yourself well; you just have to think you are.


Charlotte Watson Sherman

Angela Orlowski-Peart


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  • Cynthia Hartwig

    It's funny how that infectious smile just makes Angela look beautiful inside and out. I was totally surprised to realize it was a snapsnot (she sent the original), not something a "special" photographer did for her.  Here's one I did of a writer I met while teaching how to write social media content at Richard Hugo House in Seattle. I just love the way MacKensie projects her unusual look. You know that she will write something interesting.

  • Patricia Sands

    You're so right Cynthia! They are both great photos. Angela and I are blogging buddies through Kristen Lamb's course and she feels like family now. Every time I look at her photo (which is pretty darn often!), I smile a wide smile ... not just a little one. And you are correct, she is a rock star!

  • Thanks, Cynthia!

  • Cynthia Hartwig

    Any time, Angela. always good to point out when people are doing the right thing. I"m teaching a class on this topic in Seattle on 10/29. As a star, I'll give you a big discount if you want to come over to Seattle. You can be a rock star in person. Ha.


  • Angela Orlowski-Peart

    Cynthia, thank you for choosing my avatar. I feel privileged for this wonderful recognition. Since you've asked me about using my photo in your class, I've been planning to blog about this subject. I will post soon and link to your article. :-)