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Ancient healing tradition of naming and listening
Written by
October 2011
Written by
October 2011

“The Wise Woman tradition is the oldest tradition on our planet. It focuses on healing through nourishing. It is symbolized by a spiral, the ever-changing movement of life and health. In the Wise Woman tradition, health is defined as flexibility. We build health by nourishing the unique individual in all of her or his wholeness. The foundations of nourishment are simple ritual, compassionate listening, and simple whole foods and herbs.” – Michelle Royce


An ongoing theme over the past few weeks has been maintaining balance and well-being, even though my schedule feels like it might burst at the seems. Always sensitive to external changes, my body and spirit have been absorbing, absorbing, absorbing. 

As a result, I’ve noticed difficulty bringing stillness to my mind in meditation, loss of creativity, and less access to my intuition – all things that become buried beneath the high-pitched vibrations of over-stimulation. I’m operating at full speed, with little energy at the end of the day for anything but sleep. As a result, there is tension in my shoulders, soreness in my leg from an old running injury, and irritation from the eczema creeping around my elbow... Continue

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