Internal Habitats: Chapter II (Magic)
Written by
Ms. Reality Space
October 2011
Written by
Ms. Reality Space
October 2011

By four o’clock I was ready to push my laden self out of bed, taking advantage of the single inspired moment of the day.  I don’t remember getting dressed, or much of the drive to the beach, but I remember singing "Creeps Like Me".


I didn’t get too close to the water, because I wanted to sit where the sand was still warm. The waves were parallel, and perfectly aligned with the angle of the cove. I took this personally -- thinking it was a sign of something welcome to come, or a confirmation that I was onto something. 


I invited myself to contemplate magic, thinking it would provide some self-entertainment and alleviate the heavy feeling I’d been toting for days.  I noticed the feeling stayed mainly in my forearms, like giant weights trying to keep me from being busy with my hands.  It was strange to feel such emptiness in my forearms.


I made an army of little rocks and bits of driftwood, pressing them into the cooling sand, marching them into a hole the negative of my fist. I imagined the wind was the breath of magic… I closed my eyes to take it in completely.  Suddenly, I could not find patience to watch the sun slip down into the water.


I knew that I had become different in not so many hours.  I was now separate from the woman on the beach…  envious of her ability to dream consciously and into the future.  I have left other women like this, and girls too.  Sometimes I comfort them and often they do the same for me.  We are each our own story.



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  • Ms. Reality Space

    Thanks for your comments, Cathy!  Hope you are well.  Melissa

  • Ms. Reality Space

    Hi Candice,

    Thanks for your comment... I appreciate the feedback!  Be well, Melissa

  • Candice W. Coghill

    Melissa, your words paint a delicate picture of your sadness.  They are at once haunting and uplifting, for I can feel the magic behind them as you force them onto the page. Thank you for sharing this.