Embracing the Scary
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October 2011
Written by
October 2011

In the mountains of Nicaragua

Just over a year ago I traveled with my two children to Nicaragua.  I learned HUGE lessons from this trip-some immediate, some upon reflection.  So when I was asked to be a guest writer about 'embracing abundance' on G.G. Vandagriff's blog, this experience came to mind.  Here's a sample:


" I get really tired of excuses.  In fact, in my classroom when my 8th and 9th graders try to excuse their behavior, lack of homework, or unpreparedness I tell them kindly yet firmly, "Excuses are useless."  Initially a quizzical look forms on their face, and then they start to stammer…which is exactly when I interject my reasoning.  Everyone has issues.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone can blame someone, something, or some "whatever" for anything.  But what's the point?  It's not about the excuse.  It's about being responsible, respectful, honest and courageous enough to create the kind of success we want in life.  Some get the idea more quickly than others.  I just hope that before they end their year with me, they've at least thought about it..."


To read more, please click over to G.G's blog-you'll not only get to read the rest of my Nicaraguan life lesson, but you'll find a blog and website full of intriguing writing.  G.G.'s bio says, "My new book “The Only Way to Paradise” is the result of intense immersion in the Florentine and Tuscan culture, and most of it was written there. Of course, the art and landscape are spectacular, but what makes my heart sing are the people. I think that they are born with a genetic tendency to agape (unconditional love)."


So go on, check it out! Why not?

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