how to play strong
Written by
Cyndi M.
October 2011
Written by
Cyndi M.
October 2011
how to play strong.


you’ve got to play it real hard. if for instance, you find yourself alone, pray. you have to let some sufferings occur. you have to let loose, but still be cautious. you have to let those real tears flow in a moment. don’t let it wet your heart and drown you to death. it will never help.
you were born not because you were accidentally made. It was a plan. Things were prepared. For that, you need not to be sorry in small situations unnecessarily. You were made because He wanted you here. So, don’t hurt yourself. You need not to be perfect. You should just accept to be unique. Every person is. Even your best friend is unique. You can’t have the same nose as his, or the same body type. Chin up for that. You are you. Nothing to compare.

in school, elementary years is all about innocence. the moment you had your first star in your hand or those words “very good” will always be a great memory. Treasure that. Not every person will say the same words with heart when you’re old. The day you will become an adult, or felt mature, remember to note that some people who say they did, they never does. Some people may say “i love you” straight to your eyes but not meant it. 
Take a degree. Choose wisely. This time, don’t believe on what your parents say that their choice is better. Think. You are the one who will enter the university not them. The purpose of such degree should never be because of the reason that it can make you a billionaire. If you’re happy with what you take, it will be more precious than your tripled salary of the field that you didn’t love.

Graduate. It’s just for formal things. Believe me. The real world is beyond the school premises. It’s where cheating is not prohibited. It’s where grades in many ways doesn’t needed. And the way you have to go, lies on your heart. That diploma will be bullets. That school experiences will always be the moments you wanted to bring back again. still, such time passed. Face those new in the journey and the old easier to grasp.
People, same as you, didn’t want to get hurt. Others cry, others blame, others regret, others revenge. Be with those others who pray. You are not perfect. You are born with imperfections. that’s why there are problems. you don’t need to solve the worlds’. You have your own.Some requires a lot of punching and bruises. Some requires sleep and have to ignore. Some requires big risks. You have to choose your games to play. Not all is worth your time.  You are not superman, God wanted you to know that. Face some, learn, cry a bit, reward yourself. You’ll be okay.

the world. It is big. if you don’t want some people on your sight, God will give you a planner. in that way, it will not hurt much. remember, you need to be good still. Surround yourself with good people. Those who can accept your world. You might feel alone and lonely sometimes. Think all the time that it’s an opportunity to talk to God. If sometimes no one will be there to rescue you, rescue yourself. The only person who will fight for you is yourself. Don’t expect others. You will feel disappointments in the end, blaming them, which in fact, the one who had been a fool is you.

Love. Take risks. You don’t have to force things. When that boy comes, flirt. Take a breath. Learn and review. Maybe some school skills will help. But, recall an important memory from the past: that one day you had your first star in your hand that symbolizes you did a good job of following some trusted people and following simple rules like no cheating. You need not to give your all. A wise person always think first before he act. You don’t need to prove yourself to someone. As loving yourself as a priority, you can never go wrong.Don’t fast forward life. If he’s the one for you, learn to wait. If he’s waiting, God will nudge him to you closer. Be natural.If you don’t love him anymore, if you feel that it’s not right, if you are sensing a change of heart.. break up. Don’t fool yourself. Fools are allowed just once, and it was just in April. Regrets will be year round when you act foolish.

when all these fails, look up.

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