My Blog Has Moved!
Written by
Anna L. Grace
October 2011
Written by
Anna L. Grace
October 2011
Well, I finally made the decision to move my blog back to its original home at Blogspot. I love the professional look of WordPress, but Blogspot is where I began and I can do everything I want in terms of design (cute widgets, monetizing!) for free over there.

I’m slowly building a platform. I’m a member of She Writes since August of this year. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel lately and trying my hand at poetry. In everyday life I’m a busy mom and a wife, studying hard to become a teacher. In my heart though, I’m a creative person and a writer. It has taken me to the age of forty to be able to say those words to other people:

I am a writer

More than that, I believe, as Julia Cameron says, that “everyone has the right to write” and that “writing rights things”. It helps us construct and create the meaning of our own lives. Through writing we articulate who we are, what we value most deeply and the spiritual legacy we want to leave for our children.  Through writing we become more fully ourselves … and I’m all in for that!

My old/new blog is at Please join me as I continue my writing, creating, healing, teaching, learning, loving journey.

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  • Dorian Burden

    Anna, I am a teacher. Good luck becoming one. It's a wonderful profession. It took me until I was 45 to say "I am a writer" even though I have written most of my life. Good for you. Now, I will check out your blog.