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  • Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011

Please share your twitter handle with everyone, so we know who you are and that we should follow you!!!

@veiledvirtues (Jan Fischer Wade)  http://twitter.com/#!/VeiledVirtues

Let's be friends

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  • Robin Devonish Scott

    I am @selfpubmaven

  • Preeva Tramiel

    I am @palmpeebs, I've got a novel in the works and a memoir that is pretty done. I tweet about writing, food, philanthropy, Judaism, feminism, gardening--I've got a beehive--and interesting places I go.

    I'll follow you back if you follow me.

  • Padmaja Singh

    @padmajagsingh - expat writer, parenting stories and book reviews

  • Marly

    Hey all. I actually created a "SheWrites" list that we can all follow on Twitter. It makes it much easier to follow your audience if you can do a little grouping. I'm working on adding everyone from this post to the list, but it will take a little bit of time. There's a lot here!!  https://twitter.com/NamelyMarly/lists/shewrites

  • Marly

    Thanks for this post - so many great people to follow! My Twitter handle is: @namelymarly

    Looking forward to collaborating with everyone!

  • Debra Elramey

    I’m currently working on a memoir. Have committed a novel, songs, stories, and poetry as well. Follow me @elramey and I’ll follow you right back.

  • Pamela Chapman

    Hi, I'm working on my first novel. I'm following many writers on Twitter. Follow me and I'll follow you @pmcglobal. 

  • Valerie Nieman

    Hi all - I am https://twitter.com/valnieman

    Fiction, poetry, Appalachian and Southern lit. My most recent novel is "Blood Clay," a story about strangers in the New South, and the reissue of my first novel, "Neena Gathering," a post-apocalyptic Appalachian tale.

  • Helen O\'Reilly


  • Colleen Green

    Please follow me at https://twitter.com/ColleenPGreen

    I will release my first novel later this year. A romance suspense novel "Last Words"

    Looking forward to following others


  • Cassandra Langer

    @kelpie13 do blogging at various sites including www.Romainebrooks.com welcome all sister writers who are interested in politics, arts culture and literature

  • Danielle Boonstra

    I'm @dlboonstra and I'd love to connect with you all!

  • Estelle Sobel Erasmus

    Love it. I'm at @mommymusings011.

  • Kathy Brunner

    @1moreserving. Yes, let's connect!

  • Marian Evans

    I'm @7r4sm, associated with my book about single motherhood, 7 Risks for Single Mothers; & the Art of Managing ThemBut at the moment I'm writing Throat of These Hours, a play about poet & activist Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980) called 'beautiful Muriel, mother of everyone' by fellow poet Anne Sexton, a change since i last shared my handle. I tweet about my writing process, my garden, feminist issues, self-publishing, New Zealand women writers and their work; and I have a weakness for thrillers. I'll follow anyone whose interests I share. I also tweet about global women's film issues and media convergence, from @devt.

  • Miranda C. Spencer

    @mirandacspencer is my handle!

  • Alexandra Caselle

    Hi everyone. My Twitter handle is @AlexandraCasell.

  • Padmaja Singh

    This is a great idea! https://twitter.com/vasudha_iyer

  • Pamela Chapman

    Hi Everyone! Please follow me on Twitter @pmcglobal. I'm at work on my first novel.

  • T.L. Clarke

    Hi all: 

    This is a great idea. I'm a writer of preteen and adult fiction. Great meeting everyone! @TLClarke_TLC https://twitter.com/TLClarke_TLC

  • Susan Ekins

    Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoy encouraging and empowering women to be leaders in our own lives. Please follow me on twitter  here: http://twitter.com/sdekins

  • Karoline Barrett

    I think I've shared mine before, but here it is again for anyone new! I write womens fiction and romance. I'm repped by Frances Black at Literary Counsel.  I promise to follow back!https://twitter.com/KarolineBarrett

  • Jane Hanser

    Hello. What a great idea. My twitter handle is @joeytheblogdog (URL is https://twitter.com/joeytheblogdog). Ill be tweeting about running (as in running), dogs, dogs that run, chocolate Labrador Retrievers, and relationships between dogs and humans. I'll also be tweeting about longevity.

  • Colleen Leonardi

    Hello! I just joined SheWrites. My twitter handle is: https://twitter.com/ColleenLeonardi. I'm a writer, editor, choreographer and teacher. Looking forward to connecting with folks here.

  • I'm discovering excellent resources for writers and a strong writing community on Twitter. The weekly #writerschat and #storycraft discussions are wonderful ways to meet and learn from writers. I'm juliechristinej on Twitter.