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  • Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011

Please share your twitter handle with everyone, so we know who you are and that we should follow you!!!

@veiledvirtues (Jan Fischer Wade)  http://twitter.com/#!/VeiledVirtues

Let's be friends

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  • MaryLynn Bast

    I am shopping my first novel and short stories and just started working with Twitter and finding people to follow and hopefully they will follow me too.  Hope to see you there!  @MaryLynnBast


  • Dani Alpert

    I can't seem to get the whole twitter thing down but I do have a handle good buddy. Oh, wait, that was for CB radio wasn't it? I'm @girlfriendmom

  • Angela Orlowski-Peart

    Great idea -- I spend a lot of time on Twitter, being involved in various groups. I hope to see you all there. Please "friend" me and let me know you are from She Writes so I know to friend you right back.

    Angela Orlowski-Peart at https://twitter.com/#!/Angela_Peart

  • Marian Evans

    I think the article about social media that Janece Herrington referenced was great (http://janefriedman.com/2011/10/18/3-blunders-author-platform/),  but am not sure that the use of our own names always works, even for authors, for a couple of reasons. One, with only 140 characters, a long handle takes up a lot of space, especially with RTs, #FF #WW etc. Two, there are sometimes reasons for using a handle that refers to something else, as with @HerFilm, about films by about and for women. Just last night, I started a new (third) Twitter account for a book called 7 Risks for Single Mothers & the Art of Managing Them, which I'm about to put online for free, so people can use it and offer feedback. Because I'm more concerned to convey the topic and start conversations than to advertise me as a writer, I've called the handle @7R4SM, included a pic of the cover, and instead of my name I have "Welcome". I don't know how well this will work (along with a FB page), and would love to know what others think about the issues. I also do believe that the quality of relationships mentioned in the article is really really important, from my own experience, but that to serve others with useful information, it's also important to follow lots of interesting people.

  • Lyn Jensen

    My Twitter hatchtag is #lynmarenjensen and I often post blogs and updates in my Twitter stream.

  • Cynthia Hartwig

    I don't know about the rest of you but I love seeing the swing in the way people are posting their handles and FB pages. It lets me pick and choose who I follow based on my interests and I think it's a small microcosm of the marketing task we all face every day for our writing. Thanks.

  • LaDonna Dennis

    @momblogsociety  We feature writers!

  • JMcManus

    @WTDiscover: Creating fantasy adventure books for children. (Published Labyrinth's Door - Anyia "Dream of a Warrior" and Talee and the Fallen Object)


    @InsideTheBook: I post links to Giveaways / Reviews / Interviews of other authors and illustrators

  • Emily Suess
    I'm @EmilySuess, and I keep track of writers in a couple of ever-growing Twitter lists. @Mention me and I'll be sure to add you.
    I post a lot of tweets by writers and about writing in addition to random things I'm interested in. Looking forward to connecting with all of you! 
  • Toni French

    Hello All ~

    Up until recently, my Twitter account has been a way to share my artwork as I upload it to my various online galleries. However, I began a book project recently and now am excited about expanding its power to share my progress. Here is a bit about the book:

    In 1985 I drew a set of 16 sketches. This one is called "Calla Lily between Two Lives." For years the drawings remained tucked away on the pages of my sketchbook. I dreamed that one day they would become note cards.

    With the discovery of Social Media, I began to scan and upload the drawings to my Facebook community. As I began to add captions and write about what I saw in the drawings, there was a deep recognition of each thought, fear, and hope that had taken root during that time. To my profound amazement, I realized that my silent Throat Chakra had cleverly discovered another way to communicate.

    Among my Facebook Friends was a woman who I still have not met in person. She was so excited by the drawings and encouraged me to write a book. I did begin to form the outline, and recently decided to finish it. My goal was to do one chapter a day and finish it by the end of October. I am here to write and finish the book... and blossom into the Calla Lily that has been living all those years in the murky middle of "My Memories" and "My Longed-for Life" as the QUEEN OF CALLA LILIES.

    Toni now combines her love of Writing, Creating Artwork, and also Archeology (for she considers herself to be on a perpetual 'dig'). As a Lightworker of Love, she is now breaking a 26-year silence to share her own shadowy path with grace, majesty, and honor. By telling her own truth, it is her intention to set others free.

    My drawings are located here: http://www.bluecanvas.com/tonifrench in my "1985 Series: Ink" Folder. I also started daily posts to "Toni L French ~ Author," one of my Facebook pages.


  • Barbara Ehrentreu

    I don't know what to say to you about why you should follow me. I have a lot of Facebook friends and most of them are authors. I have a blog: http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/ and I just published my first YA novel from MuseItUp Publishing - If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, which is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for both Kindle and Nook. It will out in print next month.

    I just think it's fun to follow all the SheWrites people and I have actually made a list of everyone's twitter names. So I can go on and start following everyone. Is that enough for you? Read my blog and see for yourself. Or better yet, get my book and read it. Then you will know more about me.:)

  • Aria E. Appleford

    my school report cards always said I was a lovely girl and very smart but I tended to talk too much and be a bit bossy.  I know my grandparents who raised me saw that as a bad thing but I was stoked ... I saw it as a career choice.  I also work well with scissors and glue.  My Blog:  Wouldn't THAT Rip The Fork Out of Your Nightie! has humour, rants, spiritual and links to everything else I do.  http://forkednighties.blogspot.com/

  • Jamie Rose

    Why follow me? Hmmm. I'm a good egg.

  • Melanie Smith Bates

    I, too, blog about writing and my journey as I try to get published, showcasing bits of my writing at: www.melaniewritings.wordpress.com.   I also blog about my life as a New York City girl now living out of her element along with the life of being a mama, wife and writer at my main blog:www.bronxtoboulder.blogspot.com.

  • Eve Gaal

    Sorry for not explaining. I have a writing/inspirational type blog at http://thedesertrocks.blogspot.com

    Please read some of the things I have written in the last two years by clicking on the words at the top.

  • Bridget Straub

    I write about life as it happens which therefore includes trying to fund my musical, publish my novels and share the posts on my blog. I also try to be positive because I know at least for me, I don't want to follow anyone who is spreading negativity.

  • Tonya Rice

    p.s. when I noted  "books", I mean books I'm reading or have read... (my book's not out yet) :)


  • Tonya Rice

    I tweet bits about my novel writing journey, my articles, and books. I post my blog updates and I also share writing tips I discover myself or through other online media.



  • Amanda Rose Adams

    I'm blogging (and subsequently tweeting) about the writing and publication process (my book comes out in April) and also I'm a strong parent advocate for families whose children are fighting congenital heart disease.  I'm also using my blog as a platform for other advocates to share their messages about making a difference in the world for people who need it the most.  Basically, I'm a do-gooder gone viral! :) 



  • Tia Silverthorne Bach

    I understand, Cynthia. I blog about the writing journey particularly regarding writing my debut novel with my mom. Mom even stops by to guest post at our blog, Depression Cookies.

    I share blog posts on Twitter and try to share other's memorable posts and reflections.

    Hope to see you, and many other She Writers, on Twitter and other social media.


  • Karoline Barrett

    I don't have a lot to say yet, but since I will soon be shopping my novel to agents, it's important to build a platform. I went to CT author Matthew Dicks' workshop -his agent told him he needs at least 100 followers and I forgot how many tweets a day. I appreciate everyone who is following me, and someday I will have a lot to say!

  • Heidi Lee Munson

    great point Cynthia


    I've started blogging recently with the goal to find something positive in even the most stressful of situations. My site, The Art of Toad Kissing helps me survive even the most radioactive of toads both professionally and personally, and I always try to remember to thank my Prince Charmings.




  • Cynthia Hartwig

    Hey you guys, I'm all for expanding our twitter followers but I like to follow people who have something to say. How about giving us a reason to follow you other than the fact you are She Writers. It's nice but not enough when we're all competing for the minutes in a day.

  • Mahogany Princess



  • Heidi Lee Munson


    What a wonderful idea! Thank you