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  • Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Share Your Twitter Handle! Twitter roll call for all She-Writers!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011

Please share your twitter handle with everyone, so we know who you are and that we should follow you!!!

@veiledvirtues (Jan Fischer Wade)  http://twitter.com/#!/VeiledVirtues

Let's be friends

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  • Colleen Green


    my name is Colleen Green. I love the power of words in stories. I love to bake and cook.


    my blog is:  activeamateurchef.wordpress.com

  • Toni Trapani

    Hello, this is a bit of an older thread, but I just joined so I thought I would add. I write mostly about politics and international law with an emphasis on women's issues. My twitter is @tonitrapani3

  • Nichole L. Reber

    Hi ladies! Good to see everyone sharing. I'm an architecture, art, and travel writer focusing on literary nonfiction. @NicholeLReber

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    I agree about linking it directly - so much easier for someone to just click on it! I've posted before, but I am at www.twitter.com/veiledvirtues  And I just have to share that my debut novel VEILED VIRTUES just got released Friday, so I am on cloud nine!!! Finally, after years of work! You can read about it HERE and it is on Amazon HERE.

    I am sorry for tooting my own horn, but I am just so excited!! Yay!! Cover art and trailer (hope it works!):



  • Kayelle Allen

    I'm here: http://twitter.com/kayelleallen

    I took a class on branding recently and learned a common sense thing. Readers search for us by name, especially our last name. If we are on Twitter as @bobbysmom and our name isn't Bobby S Mom... then readers aren't going to be able to find and follow us. Same with blogs, website, and so on. Made me rethink a few things! Also, always write out your Twitter name with either the entire url, or create it as a hyperlink that can be opened by a click. If a reader can click and follow -- you are more likely to gain followers than if they have to copy your name, go over to Twitter, paste in your name, and then find you. How smart and simple is that?

  • Rachel Machacek

    mine is @rachelmachacek. off to follow everyone now! thank you!

  • Zoë S. Roy

    Hi Jan,

    Here's mine.



  • CeCe Harbor

    Love it! @knowledge_maven -- I'll look for you all there.

  • Colleen Green

    twitter is https://twitter.com/ColleenPGreen

    also I am having a drawing to win a prize at http://activeamateurchef.wordpress.com

  • Juliet Greenwood

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm @julietgreenwood. Love to see you on Twitter! I'm working my way through following everyone. 


  • Danielle Boonstra

    I am @dlboonstra :)

  • Rachel Wilson

    I'm @storybookgirl

  • Good Morning hi everyone, I'm @MTMC2 on twitter.  

  • @Madley93

  • Marcelline Block

    hello everyone. i'm @MarcellineBlock on Twitter.

  • Katie (HoboMom)


  • Lynne Barrett

    I'm @LynneBarrett  on Twitter.

  • Ann Elise Monte

    Hello, ladies (God, that sounds creepy). My Twitter handle is @annelisemonte

  • Leah Kaminsky

    Great idea! Mine is @LeahKaminsky

  • Patricia Flaherty Pagan

    When I travel I don't have much time to tweet, but if you are interested in thoughts on flash fiction, slogging through novel #1, links to good Sunday short stories, info and retweets from South East Asian and Maine writers, I'm at @PFwriteright

  • Neve Maslakovic

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Twitter, please add me to the member list:  @NeveMaslakovic


  • @KhadijahOnline

  • Francelia Belton

    Hi! I'm new to She Writes and would like to be added to the member Twitter list. Thank you!


  • Cristina Dimen

    Hi ladies - I have now followed everyone up to page 7 of this thread. Gotta stop for now. But, if I didn't get to you yet, please feel free follow me @CristinaDimen and I will definitely follow you back.

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you there, soon.

    Happy Friday - Thanks.

  • Cristina Dimen

    Hi there - Been holding off on getting a Twitter account, but finally got a handle yesterday.

    Please tweet me at  @CristinaDimen

    Okay - I'm off to follow you ladies.