Authors: List of Popular Book Review Blogs!
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011
Written by
Jan Fischer Wade
October 2011

Hi Authors!  Today I am listing book review blogs (some geared towards YA and fantasy), and each has between 1,000 and 2,500 followers.  I researched about 500 book blogs and these were the ones with many followers and current activity.  Try to contact some of these sites to review your new or upcoming release for some widespread exposure!  View my July 29th post for a list of 14 blogs that have collectively over 50,000 followers!  Good Luck!  Jan

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  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Terra - thanks for sharing girl!!! Cheers to you! Jan

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Love the site's name!!!  Thanks for sharing!  I'll add hers to my list - thanks Meleesa! Cheers! *clink* *sluuuurrrppp* (it's 5'o'clock somewhere...)  Jan  ; )

  • Melissa Stevens

    Can I suggest another?

    It was started just a few months ago by a good friend of mine, she adds several posts a week and has picked up quite a few followers in a very short amount of time.

  • Terra Harmony

    Thank you for posting this!  Really valuable info for marketing books.  I have a list of book review sites (mostly for the fantasy genre) on my blog and few articles on doing book review requests:


    This list surprisingly does not duplicate many sites from your list - so I will be adding to it shortly.  Thanks again!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Valerie and Mona! Thanks for commenting!  Jan

  • Mona Gable

    What a terrific list! Thanks for putting it together, Jan.

  • Valerie J. Brooks

    Another reviewer's blog I follow:

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Just FYI, here's the link to my post containing 14 popular book review blogs that collectively have over 50,000 followers (some geared towards YA)

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Doreen! Thanks for stopping by!  Also, if anyone has a book review blog they'd like to share (yours or someone else's), please add it in the comments!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Thanks Kay Dee! Not sure if you saw it, but my July 29th post has a list of 14 blogs that have over 50,000 followers total, just wanted to make sure you got that list too.  See you around the cyber-verse!

  • Kay Dee Royal

    Jan - awesome list - thank you for sharing!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Congrats on your release next year!  I'm glad you stopped by and found this into useful!!

  • Joanne C. Hillhouse

    With my book coming out next year, I've been researching book review blogs but its such a vast field. This will be a great help in terms of targetting. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I have no doubt that it was time consuming.

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Chynna, Celestine and Julie!  Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you all!  Jan

  • Julie Lawson Timmer

    This is fantastic. Many thanks, Jan, for putting this together.

  • Wonderful information. Thanks for the share, Jan.  I will definitely visit the sites listed here.

  • FanTASTIC, Jan. THANK YOU!!! =D

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    You are most welcom Autumn!!!  Cheers! *clink*  *sluuuurrrppp*

  • Autumn

    Wow Jan, thanks for another fantastic list! :)

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Brynne!  You are too sweet!  You have a great weekend!!!

  • Brynne Betz

    I think I am going to draw little wings on your head shot. You really are an author angel, you know:) Thank you's from afar!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Rachel!  I hope it is helpful for you! Your books sound awesome!!!!!  I am going to jump over to your site now! Best of luck to you!!!

  • Rachel Thompson

    This is amazing, Jan! I'm a cofounder of the Indie Book Collective and we're always looking for reviewers to help our indie authors on promotion. I myself am a humorist, non-fiction so I'll be looking closely as well. My first book A WALK IN THE SNARK came out in January; my second book THE MANCODE: EXPOSED releases in December so this list is my new best friend. :) 

    Has anyone told you how awesome you are today? 

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    Hi Valerie!  I saw you just finished your last chapter on your WIP - congrats lady!!!

  • Jan Fischer Wade

    I think about half are geared toward YA (since that's my genre - I did this research for my book). This is just part of my entire list!  Not that I am going to submit to them all, but once I started compiling it, I just couldn't bring myself to delete any!