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  • One Author Has Uncovered the Most Unbelievable Secret of All Time! In the Library...
One Author Has Uncovered the Most Unbelievable Secret of All Time! In the Library...
Written by
Amy Lignor
October 2011
Written by
Amy Lignor
October 2011

When readers and historians go back in time to discover the monumental secrets that were stored inside the greatest hiding places of all time, they will be amazed to learn that the most ‘treasured secrets’ were stored in the depths of a library.

For a very long time, libraries have been at the center of some of the most unexplainable ‘finds’ ever uncovered. Discoveries made inside these ‘institutes of learning’ that housed some of the greatest minds this world will ever know, have sent the present-day world in a totally new direction. And there’s one author who was able to put the pieces of some very ‘large’ puzzles together to create a new work of fiction that is the ultimate ride of your life!

Tallent & Lowery: 13 is the first in a series of books that actually finds a way to grab the audience and not let go, by leading readers down a path of secrets and lies, unveiling treasures and mysteries that were placed inside various locations by some pretty famous people throughout the centuries. And it all begins on the steps of one of the most famous buildings the world will ever know - The New York Public Library.

Between the beloved figures of Patience and Fortitude, who seem to look over at each other as if sharing some monumental secret that the world can never find out about, is where the main character of 13 works each and every day. And readers quickly understand that libraries are not only the ‘houses’ for wisdom and information - but they also house a great deal more that scientists and archaeologists have been searching for.

Andrew Carnegie was certainly a large part of making the New York Public Library come to life. His millions were given freely for the construction of that amazing building, yet no one knows a great deal about the architects and creators of the library; nor do they know the significance of what the famous lions actually stand for. And they definitely have yet to discover what Andrew Carnegie already knew when the building began to take shape; that there was something very important buried inside the cornerstone of the New York Public Library. A treasure that was never supposed to be found.

The NYPL is not the only library that housed its secrets. When asked about the world of books, the Royal Library at Alexandria always comes up, as well. In Alexandria, Egypt, this building was truly the ‘great library of the ancient world.’ The patrons who worked and flocked through the doors had super-intelligence that flourished under the Ptolemaic dynasty, and was the most amazing building that anyone had ever seen.

There are many who still argue about the fact that the library was either created during the reign of Ptolemy I or his son, Ptolemy II, but a fact they have no idea about is that one of those men spent a great deal of time in the library - finding a secret that existed in the stars. From his desk inside the mammoth structure, Ptolemy created many very important works, but there was one that literally changed the worlds of science, religion, and medicine all at the same time; a work that would one day have the Pope, himself, ban this particular writing from the Vatican.

The Library at Alexandria was charged with collecting all the world’s knowledge, and it did so through extremely aggressive undertakings. Because Alexandria was located between the mainland and Pharos Island (which had Pharos Lighthouse sitting upon it that also held a secret that no one would dare to believe), Alexandria was the international hub for trade, as well as the leading producer of papyrus.

From their soldiers pulling books off ships to include in the library’s collection, to playing host to some of the world’s most intelligent scholars, the library had its share of hidden secrets, meetings, and objects that even the Romans would never find when the library was burned. Think about that fact. By royal decree of Ptolemy, every single visitor to the city was required to surrender all books and scrolls, as well as any form of written media in any language in their possession. Official scribes either copied these writings or simply kept the originals for the library, creating a wealth of ‘works’ and treasures that no one even knew were there.

It was not only the books that made Alexandria a mystery, but the people. Hypatia of Alexandria - the last and only female librarian - had her own secrets. She was not only the most intelligent of all the librarians, but she was also head of the Platonist school, where she imparted the knowledge of Plato and Aristotle from manuscripts that she alone owned. Her contributions to science were also many, including the charting of celestial bodies - a subject that she and Ptolemy knew quite a bit about. And this charting - this scientific work - would one day find itself to be a subject of a monumental puzzle that readers are discovering in the book, Tallent & Lowery: 13.

The already well-told story of the Vatican’s Secret Library and archives is not the only tale regarding hidden treasures that only librarians knew anything about. But there are many that are sincerely grateful to Dan Brown and others for taking any focus off them.

Carrere and Hastings are the names of two other men with a significant role in the NYPL’s hidden treasure. In fact, they were the unknown architectural firm that built the NYPL…hired by Carnegie. All of these men were immigrants who seemed to know something about some sort of artifact, and used to meet at Carnegie Hall in a room on a floor that no longer exists. Here, many men - immigrants and millionaires all - would come together to discuss a ‘book’ that no one in the world was allowed to read. Within those meetings came ‘good’ folk in the form of Rudolf Steiner, and ‘evil’ in the form of Aleister Crowley: two men who would be asked to hide the secret of 13.

Odd things happened after this particular library was built, including the early death of Carrere when a streetcar somehow collided with his taxi; and Hastings, in 1929, from complications due to a simple appendectomy.

There were also other ‘odd’ factors when it came to these meetings of an organization they liked to refer to as, The Council of Masters. Carnegie’s particular philosophy was to distance himself from religion, preferring to believe in scientific terms. He even once stated that: “Not only had I got rid of the theology and the supernatural, but I had found the truth of evolution.” By inviting Aleister Crowley - the self-proclaimed Devil - and Steiner, who was opening his own school and had his own beliefs, made for a strange group meeting. Here, this council believed and disbelieved in all things equally - except where to hide the secret that no one was ever supposed to know.

Who found out? A woman who practically lived in the New York Public Library and wanted nothing more than to be left alone among the book stacks. Here, is where Leah Tallent ran into Gareth Lowery - a man on a very odd mission - and went on a thrilling journey to unveil the power and the secret of 13 - a secret that the reader will be thrilled to find out about.

The author links very real people and very real locations in this amazing first book of a seven-book series. Each are stand-alone novels that take at least four historical locations and link them together with one amazing mystery that readers will literally not be able to put down! And, trust, me, you will be on Google all night long after reading this book - just looking up the amazing puzzles this author has ‘discovered.’

Was she right? DO Aleister Crowley, the New York Public Library, Whitechapel, the haunted Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California, Glastonbury, and Loch Ness have anything in common? Oh, yes…and it all begins with 13.

This book in a movie version would be absolutely phenomenal!

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I’m telling you everyone, you have GOT to see this!!!

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    sounds like a great story and I am pretty intrigued!Curious how you found the first clue ?