Kickstarter and Beyond!
Written by
Bridget Straub
September 2011
Written by
Bridget Straub
September 2011



This is it, launch day! Today is the day we put “Room to Grow” up on Kickstarter for all the world to see, in the hope of gathering the funds to mount a real production. I couldn’t sleep last night I am so excited. In fact, excuse me for a moment while I jump up and down, run around in circles and high five everyone I see!

Whoo, I feel better. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would write a musical, I probably would have fallen over laughing. For one thing, as much as I love to listen to music, I don’t play any instruments and I had never written a song. Still, when my friend Laura (Laura Hall of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” fame) said we could do this, I was immediately on board. The idea for the book came to me almost instantly, and from there we began bouncing ideas off of one another, cracking ourselves up in the process. We just clicked and knew exactly where the songs would go, even if we had yet to write them.

When Laura suggested I work on the lyrics, I was completely intimidated. After all, she is an accomplished songwriter whose work I greatly admire. I think I nearly choked. Then I nervously sent her what I thought might work and told her to feel free to change anything that didn’t. She was fabulous. She taught me about beats and how to make the words fit, but not once did she make me feel inferior. Instead, she only changed a few of the words and then came up with these amazing melodies. I have to be honest and say I was waiting for the other shoe to drop throughout the entire process. I was so in love with the story that we had collaborated on that I felt as if it was going too easily. What would happen, I wondered, if she sent me a melody I hated? I am happy to report that never happened. She nailed it every single time. The woman is a musical genius.

Last summer, we were lucky enough to do a few workshop productions through our daughters’ school, and wow, you cannot imagine how cool it is to hear your songs sung back to you. The feedback we got from those performances was so positive it was overwhelming. We have since added a few rewrites, and are now ready to do a full production.

With the money we raise on Kickstarter, we will do just that. Go to   to check out the video we’ve put up in order to get a taste of the story and songs. If you are moved to pledge, (as well as in a position to do so) great, but if not, that’s fine too. We just want this to be seen by as many people as possible. Hopefully, if you are in the Los Angeles area, you will come out and see the show next spring when we hope to launch it. I guarantee you will leave the theatre in a good mood, and you’ll probably be humming a new song as you do.

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