The G+ Circle of Life

Call me childlike, but some of the best metaphors are explored in movies.

The Lion King has a lot in common with social media, but more than ever with Google+ circles.

They look incredibly simple, like the concept of Facebook or Twitter friend lists, until you realize that you can share selectively (very easily) with just the people in these circles, as well as read the customized newsfeed (much as with Twitter and Facebook lists). Now you can share Holiday party pics with a select few instead of your potential clients or boss with one click.

I wouldn't be your G+ Mamma if I didn't also tell you that everything you put online will be there forever and accessible to the hungry no matter what settings anybody puts in place, but I only scare because I care. More on that in a separate post that I feel building right now. You deserve to have the facts!!

By all means set up your Circles and have fun with it, but I want to caution you to keep it very simple.

Fast Company's Austin Carr makes a great argument using Psychologist Barry Schwartz's "Paradox of Choice," which basically boils down to the fact that we all like to keep things simple and will avoid something if it seems too involved. Life is complicated enough. Social Media should be fun!

Circles are a way to cycle information around within a group and add new information/thought in the process as discussion emerges. It's so much fun!! It's the essence of every enjoyable form of communication: somebody gives, somebody else contributes and something brand new (and better) is created. Professional photographers are having a grand time with this right now on Google+ and I'm seriously enjoying getting to see their work and share it with attribution.

Social Media Design's Back-to-School-with-Google+What circles should you create?

It's up to you, but here are the main ones I've created:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following
  • Back to School with G+
  • She Writers
  • Clever
  • Professional Photographers
  • Foodies

And everybody has the option to share with the "Public" circle or "Extended Circles." Just remember that G+ will use the same settings you used last time so be mindful of your settings as you share Halloween pics this year. ;)

Hope you enjoyed!! Please share with your friends for an A+!

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