Writing promises

I promised myself that I'd get my booklet to the printer last Saturday, but this writing business actually takes longer than originally imagined. Whenever I get one set of revisions done and then return to proofread the manuscript, there seems to be another set of revisions that I need to make.It's an endless round of editing and revising, but that all part of the writing process.

However, I set a new deadline to complete the revisions and will hopefully meet that one. At some point, I'll just stop editing, send it off to the printer and then upload it as an eBook. I don't know why I keep making these "promises" to complete a manuscript or piece of writing or editing, only rarely do I keep them.


It's curious, I just realized that when I make a promise to write or send something out into the world, I don't usually keep it, because I don't write it down. However, when I work according to a "deadline", I write it down in my day planner or post it on my bulletin board. I usually meet deadlines if I write them down.

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