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  • this day i got my membership here in shewrites!
this day i got my membership here in shewrites!
Written by
Cyndi M.
September 2011
Written by
Cyndi M.
September 2011

hi guys.

yesterday, i was browsing one of my accounts in the internet.With this latest and wonderful technologies, people are in touch with each other even without knowing each other's person. It came up to my mind that i have to have a page that secures enough about me without me having to worry. I was looking a new site for me then somehow, shewrites pops out of nowhere. I curiously clicked this site from Samantha Sotto's blog site.(which also a member of this community-blogging site). I immediately felt at home. Maybe because, one, it feels like one, and two.. shewrites means she who writes. A community of women who passionately writes what they feel, what they love. Knowing women, knowing myself.. i know i will have a lot of learning experiences.

Then, comes today. I checked my yahoo account and got this affirmation for being an official member!

I am so happy. It's because i have a lot in my mind and my heart ready to burst out in the forms of words. Also, i have this thought of maturing and getting old writing memories and thoughts about life in this blog.


I also want to thank whoever the person/group who created this site. Women rules!


your lifesaving-girl,

cindy <3

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