Reading is the Cure.
Written by
Regina Y. Swint
September 2011
Written by
Regina Y. Swint
September 2011

I was a little bummed and stressed more than usual last week, what with the pending redeployment out of Afghanistan constantly changing, and my patience running low and my tolerance-for-stupidity threshold getting even lower.

Then I stumbled on a book called The Sport of the Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar.  It was a short book with a simple, but compelling and thought-provoking story. I read it in a matter of hours.  And suddenly, I was cured of my ills.  The anger and frustration slipped-slided* right on away.  For a short time, at least.

What wonderfully great mind exercise had I forgotten reading to be!  Wonderfully great, I say.  Immediately, I started searching the shelves of the MWR tent for more books, more cures.  I just picked up anything that looked interesting, and now I plan to read my way through the rest of this deployment.  God help me.  Preserve me, Jesus, from the idle mind that would be mine.

And so, in between musings about my other book projects, all works in progress, I came up with the idea to start a t-shirt campaign for my publishing house, New Renaissance Ink, LLC.  It's sort of my "Eureka!" moment, but not really.  My English Department head told me years ago that I was arrogant and lazy and that my attention span was too short.  All of which he advised me could be cured by reading more. 

Thank you, Dr. Ware.  I get it.  And yes, I deserve a kick in the ass for not getting it sooner.

I'm thinking of t-shirts, fleece beanie hats, knit skull caps, and maybe even coffee mugs, with the simple revelation, "Reading is the cure."  And somewhere on the garment or mug will be the New Renaissance Ink logo, of course.

My thought is to have a few samples made up and send them back for college homecoming weekend. 

The implied illnesses are all out there for the contemplating, but here' my short list of things that reading cures.




Short attention spans

Limited vocabularies

Careless errors

Idle minds

Idle gossip


Stale thoughts


Well, maybe not stupidity.

I like it so far, but we'll see how it goes.


*Yes, I know that "slided" is not a word, but an homage to Paul Simon, whom I love.  I tend to make up words, from time to time, depending on how they sound coming out of my head.  It's a thing.

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