I'm a Big Picture Person
Written by
Lynne Favreau
September 2011
Written by
Lynne Favreau
September 2011

Hi All,

Sigh...as I begin to post more and more around here, it will become evident that I am not a detail person. It's not that I don't know how to spell--know, now, or no, their, they're or there, or that I do not know their proper usage, I do. I just don't notice whether or not they've slipped out incorrectly. You'd think I didn't reread my posts before I hit comment. I swear I do, really. It's like I have night blindness to my writing errors.

My husband is a detail person, alas he does not see the big picture, neither does my older sister who lives with us, nor my two daughters. I alone can envision the family room stripped bare, rearranged and redressed. 'What do you think? I want to paint the dining room ecru honey, with wave blue striped roman shades, and black and white Paris print chandelier shades?" Blank looks all around. Pam likes the idea of Paris print, they all hate the color they've never seen and striped roman shades? Please! "Won't they look like they belong in a bedroom?" "No, no they won't."

I, on the other hand, instantly understand the gist of a conversation or directions. I can read the mood of a room inside two minutes. And I have no problem seeing the bones of a house no matter how hideously they've tried to disguise it in sponged on neon-blue paint, turquoise tile counters, and lemon yellow painted trim.

But, I rarely catch my mistakes in spelling, grammar or syntax the first, second or even third time around. And worst of all--tenses make me tense. Those mishaps I couldn’t catch with a magnifying glass and GPS coordinates. I also have no English grammar lexicon at my disposal.  emory issues won't allow for their inclusion in the files no matter how desperately I beg I try to hold them. Lastly, I have to look up the same dozen words over and over again. Why, I ask you why?

You'd think this quirk would add to my writer neurosis but it doesn't. I really don't worry to much about it. It's you I worry about. You know, little things like that can drive a person crazy. Especially writers.

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