Hawaii Five-O Season Two Premier at Sunset on the Beach



Living in Hawaii does have its perks. The red carpet was rolled out across the sand at the premiere of Season Two of Hawaii Five-O. This event took place last Saturday in Waikiki. Thousands of fans were on location to meet with their favorite stars from the series, including Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim.


I was excited to find out that Terry O'Quinn, who was one of my favorites from the show "Lost", will be a regular in the new series. What a great addition to the cast. O'Quinn won an Emmy for his portrayal of John Locke on "Lost". It should be quite a reunion for Terry and Daniel Dae Kim, who spent several years being lost.

It is also rumored that Lauren German will be joining the cast of Hawaii Five-O. Will there be some new romances?


To see photos, videos and more, go to the link above.

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