My First Byline
Written by
Kat Ward
September 2011
Written by
Kat Ward
September 2011
Yesterday, I had my first byline! It was for two short blurbs announcing and detailing events for ("Sunny Tales from Around the World" and "Help a Child Go Back to School"). Very small stuff that most can do in their sleep, but I had a blast! I believe the author of the original book "Hometown Pasadena" is in need of more writing for the website, and for longer pieces and articles. Can't wait. And, there's the possibility of actual payment in the future!

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  • Kat Ward

    Yes, it is great fun, especially writing for my new hometown area. It helps me get to know what's going on, meet a lot of people, etc. Many thanks, Nancy.

  • Hello, Kat

    Thanks for friending.

  • Kat Ward

    Thank you! Of course, now that I'm being paid, I'm more nervous. Ha! How about you? What are you up to?

  • I am happy for you. It is such a confidence booster to have a byline.

  • Kat Ward

    I'm crossing my fingers! Thank you for the comment. Also had a marathon day at my friend's house experiencing her husband's CG animated prologue followed by his illustrated/narrated storybook App (ISMS, a faery mobster story). Then, we had hours of discussion and brainstorming about his work, my manuscript (Amy's Own) and his wife's self-help workbook that I edited ("Where Are You Stuck?")--how we can market them with no money, where would be the best place to put the money we can get together, etc. 8 1/2 hours! I was exhausted, but it was such a blast. 


    Thanks, again!

  • Juliet Greenwood

    Whayah! Good for you, Kat! Congratulations. May it be the first of many.