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  • Creating a Literary Space Vs Building a Platform
Creating a Literary Space Vs Building a Platform
Written by
Ramola D
September 2011
Written by
Ramola D
September 2011

       It’s no secret, this mantra we often hear from agents, publicists, publishers, about the need to “build a platform” to attract attention to one’s work—but how many of us are attracted to this idea? ... Might it be possible there’s another way instead, of connecting with possible audiences while staying essentially true to ourselves as writers? Three fiction writers offer their takes on creating a meaningful literary space that attempts to do just that.

       Please visit the Los Angeles Review blog at http://redhen.org/losangelesreview/ for the whole article--writers Tania Hershman, Robin Black, and Liam Callanan offer striking notes from their own experience as well as some great practical advice.


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  • Ramola D

    Best to you too Nichole and I'm so glad it got you to join She Writes!

    Oh, and in another life, I too would be a travel writer!

  • Nichole L. Reber

    Thanks so much for posting this link about literary platforms, marketing, and the writerly persona. Terrific read that I found myself empathizing with (hence my joining She Writers earlier this week!).
    Cheers and best of luck on your work!
    Nichole L. Reber
    serial expat, literary travel writer