Facebook’s Descent from Artisanal Brew to PBR

Austin Texas artisanal brewI joined Facebook back in 2005 when it was cool, refreshing, and sparkled like a tasty and refreshing artisanal brew on a hot summer day.

During the years it evolved into a more extensive platform, went through epic privacy changes, and continues to morph into something truly unprecedented. Rumor has it that Facebook is positioning itself to be publicly traded in 2012.

Even if you're sober or have never tasted alcohol, I hope you know what I mean. It used to feel more special.

Very soon, advertisements will begin to appear right in the midst of your News Feed, along with any number of the usual phishing schemes. These days it feels a little more like this:pbr


I'm a little sad because it's become such a meaningful social network for so many. It's been my virtual water cooler and refreshing beer garden for over 6 years and I'm loathe to say goodbye to it for these reasons:

  • Great friends
  • Family
  • Business

Facebook is still the place to be for business and spreading the word about your blog, though I'm strongly in favor of Google+ as a means of developing more significant, stimulating conversations and business relationships.  Right now it feels more like this to me: Google Plus Cocktails anyone?

How do you feel about these upcoming changes to Facebook? Have you or will you change your social networking habits because of them? I'd love to hear your impressions. Please just scroll down and leave your comment!

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