Finding home
Written by
September 2011
Written by
September 2011

“Homing… is the instinct to return, to go to the place we remember. It is the ability to find, whether in dark or in daylight, one’s home place… Home is an internal place, a place somewhere in time rather than space, where a woman feels of one piece.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Two weeks ago, I stood in the summer cottage that has been in our family for four generations and stared at a photograph hanging on the wall. It was taken during my grandmother’s birthday – a gathering that brought her five children and 17 grandchildren together every summer. Looking at it, I realized it was her last birthday celebration, one of the last times I saw her, and how I remember her now – immortalized in time. 

It will be 11 years in November since my grandmother’s death, and that photograph reminded me of the passing of time – how our family has grown, how our lives have evolved, how “home” has changed. ...Continue

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  • Claire McAlpine

    Adore this post and happy to have stumbled across your blog, what a beautiful gift you have shared, infused with love and compassion. Humbling. I love the Clarissa Pinkola Estés quote as well, that's the second time today I have come across her, it has been a long time since I read her work.

    I just read Elke Babicki's 'Making Connections' and she mentions the sparkles in water and how our thoughts affect water at a cellular level and I see all those lovely, loving sparkles in your profile pic receiving the vibe.