Summer in Israel 2011
Written by
Revital Horowitz
September 2011
Written by
Revital Horowitz
September 2011

It has being a month in the holy Land; it has being a very long and exhausting month. When we got here our house was supposed to be ready, our kids were supposed to know which school they are going to go to on September first, but instead we found out that the house was far from being ready, and schools were still a mystery.


Life is Israel is not easy. We had bombing in the south, and also shooting in the border between Egypt and Israel. 8 people were killed, while driving to vacation in Eilat. The bombing came from Gaza, which is located about 30 miles south of Tel Aviv. You must understand how tiny Israel is. We drove on road number 6, which is about 10 miles east from our house (Tel Aviv, where we live is on the Mediterranean, the west border). This road is the east future boarder between Palestinians and Israelis. My kids were shocked to learn that and also pretty scared, asking what would have happened if we took the wrong road and drove to a Palestinian village. Well, I did not want to tell them the truth that they probably would not go out alive out of there, so I said that as American citizens, probably it would be fine.  


You are probably wondering why take our family from such a peaceful place as Seattle, and move to Israel, if life is so fragile. Well, I am not sure I have a good enough answer, but I will try my best explaining. We are far from being naïve. We know the risks; we understand pretty well the complicated political situation. We even have our oldest son stay in the US. He is here now, but would be traveling back to go to school in Oregon. We took this trip a few times already, but always moved back eventually to the US.


My husband and I were born and raised here. Our moms and most of our extended family live here. Our mother tongue is Hebrew. We love the streets here, we love the fact that our 8 year old boy can walk to school by himself. We love the fact that he could just walk to his friend`s house, knock on the door and have a play date. We love the fact that the sun is shining here every day, and it is warm every single day. We love the fact that our kids are welcomed to their schools in our mother tongue. As Jews, we love the fact that the Holidays that are being well felt here are Jewish. We feel complete here. I no longer miss my family and childhood friends I have here. They are next to me. My best friend Sophie and I are friends since we were 14, where else would I find that? I can always be totally me, no matter how grumpy I am next to her, and she would always love me for who I am. I love her the same way. We went to visit her last night, and I hardly spoke, I just was so tired of all the hard work and the emotional stress I have being under. She served me coffee, and just was there for me, no need to have words said. I am just so fortunate to have her around me.


When I am in the US I always miss Israel. Believe me, I tried many times separating emotionally and physically, but it never worked. I always want to go back. I hope that this time my real home would be here.    

P.S schools worked out pretty well at the very last moment. Kids started schools and are pretty content for now. Surprisingly, our 15 year old who was the hard core of not moving here, said it was not as bad as he thought it would be…Our 12 year old is going to a fantastic Bi-lingual school, and is happy. Our 8 year old managed to enter our local school. The major shocking thing for him is the fact that he is one of 40 kids in class…I am not so happy about this too, but he has friends close to home and this is a lot.

More to come next time. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and be blessed.




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