A Funny Thing Happened in the Supermarket..
Written by
Doreen McGettigan
September 2011
Written by
Doreen McGettigan
September 2011

*Disclaimer:  I really try to stay away from the ever ugly politics and religion.  I really do.  Today I just feel compelled to have a conversation.

My intention is NOT to upset or hurt anyone; honestly…I’m all about love, tolerance and peace.  I wish we could just learn to use the correct words.


So a strange ‘thing’ happened at the grocery store the other day.  In front of me, walking in the door was a woman in full burka dress.

Black full burka, eyes covered except for teeny slits.  My immediate reaction was, the poor woman.  It was 102 degrees here in

Philadelphia. Then I noticed something strange.  She had on flip flops. Yellow flip flops. I felt less sorry for her. Her feet at least were getting some air.


I was in a hurry as usual.  I had one of my elderly clients with me.  She needed to pick up some fresh bananas.  Her bananas must be completely yellow,

not one blemish or brown spot.  Yes, I have been blessed with more than enough patience.  I try to make it fun.  I dare you to try to find the perfect bananaJ


So, happy with our (2) very yellow bananas and a half gallon of milk we proceeded on to checkout.  “Look my client whispered”, as she tugged my arm.  “That woman is buying spare ribs

And pork chops and hamburger!”, she just about shrieked.  The woman in the burka made a left to go down the cookie isle.  We followed.  She picked up (2) packages of Oreo’s.

They were on sale 2 for $5.00.  I was very suspicious at this point because I have a friend who is not a very strict Muslim.  She dresses in American clothes, however she does dress modestly.

The one thing she does not do is eat Oreo’s [apparently they are made with some kind of pork bi-product…gross] or any kind of pork.  She will not even touch a package containing pork.


This made me remember a story my grandfather told me about a clown.  This man murdered an entire family, joined the circus, as a clown and hid for (2) decades.  I am scared to

death of clowns and circuses to this day. [except for Lisleman]  We recently, not far from our home, had a man dressed in a women’s burka shoot several people.  So now my imagination has me

wanting to flee the store immediately.


Once back to the safety of my client’s home we flip on the television and there is a news alert.  A bomb went off in Norway.  The anchors went on and on about terrorist but something

 inside of me said there is more to this story.  I did not hear of the attack on the children at camp until I got home that night.  I had a twinge of sorrow as well as a twinge of fear.  I was tired.

I clicked on my computer and saw the news of a man in Texas who opened fire at a skating rink in Texas.  Children were there. They are calling it a domestic issue.  

  Now I start getting angry.


The next morning I see the headline the Norwegian terrorist is a “Right Wing Christian.”  My first thought seriously was they have right wingers in Norway?  I really need to freshen-

 up a bit on my foreign politics.  I assumed, which my husband says I do much too often, that Norway was one of those counties with a low crime rate.  I checked.  The crime rate in Norway is extremely low.

 One like Iceland which is something like .o5%.   Anyway I am upset.  I’m sure I am no more or less upset than most real Muslims when the headlines are “Extreme Muslims.”


When my brother was murdered by a gang of (7) the newspapers and television anchors labeled it Road Rage.  You know that disease that comes on acutely when someone cuts you off,

or purposely goes slower and slower. They zip into the parking spot you have patiently waited (5) minutes for.  You want to flip them off or worse yet run them off the road and kill them.


I am beyond frustrated with the “words” our politicians on ALL sides grasp onto and use for their own gain.  I am also completely nauseated by the lack of integrity of this country’s journalist.

All of them should be ashamed of their tabloid performances.  Why can’t we just call these “lunatics” that kill innocent people what they are, which is CRAZY?


Favorite Quote: Politicians are like diapers.  They need to be changed often and for the same reason.  ~Mark Twain

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  • Bridget Straub

    I agree with you but I think everyone wants to label things so that they can say that's not me. Clearly these people who do such horrible things are crazy but that could happen to anyone. Anyone could go crazy and they don't want to look at that because then it could be them.