Poem: A Father's Love
Written by
Yejide Kilanko
August 2011
Written by
Yejide Kilanko
August 2011

My child, how I wish we could talk.

It has been so long I heard your voice.

I miss our quiet times together.


I hear you crying in the middle of

the night when you think no one

else can hear you sobbing out aloud.


I know everything seems so bleak.

That you are wondering how you

are going to pay those bills this month.


You can’t understand why that job offer

just won’t come or what to do about those

carefully laid plans that keep going up in smoke.


Your life feels like you are wandering

blindfolded through minefields and I

can hear your heart breaking into pieces.


I also feel the desperation of your pain.

That is why I wish you would talk to me.

I am only but a heartfelt prayer away.


Let me walk through this season with you.

Hold my hand and keep holding on tight.

Come feel the strength of your father’s love.


Yejide Kilanko© 2011


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