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Written by
August 2011
Written by
August 2011
“How shall I begin my song 
In the blue night that is settling? 
 In the great night my heart will go out, 
Toward me the darkness comes rattling. 
In the great night my heart will go out.” 
- Papago Medicine Woman Chant
The past week was an emotional and historical one for me and for Canadians. I attended my annual family reunion, celebrated our wedding anniversary, and attended the State Funeral of Federal Opposition Leader, Jack Layton. 

It all began 9 days ago with a flight home and a whirlwind family reunion weekend with 40 other family members. We participated in activities that included: bowling, golfing, swimming, fireworks, and of course, eating. I reunited with a cousin I hadn’t seen in 12 years, played with my not-so little nephews who are quickly growing taller than me, and spent precious time with my aging parents. ...Continue

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