my knees

Went to PT today ...still strengthening my quads and hamstrings in order to help the pressure on my knee joints. Had a good now up to 20 minutes on the tread mill, beside being to lift 30 lbs on the weight machine that develops your thigh muscles. also doing leg lifts, etc. ...working on my balance too. Have not worked out in a couple of years, so glad to be back to it.

Went to my orthopedic doctor after PT and found out I have stage four osteoarthritis in both knees, which is bone on bone. He's working with me to keep from doing knee replacements now. I intended to have shots of Synvisc into my knee joints today, but when the nurse practioner (who gives the shots0 told me it was more painful than cortizone because it's a thick gel, I opted for the cortizone again...both knees.


It will help with the inflamation, as I've had it before, but it doesn't help the pain as much as Synvisc, which after injected, forms a little cushion around the joint. There can be adverse reactions though (swelling & pain/although rare) and that would hinder me in the B&B. There's so much standing, walking, and climbing stairs. That's another reason why I opted for the Cortizone. I think I will do the Synvisc next time...but I'll wait until november when our business slows down (in Nov. & Dec).


Anyhow, I feel pretty good now and it doesn't hurt at all when I'm sitting down, which means I can write till my heart's content.


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