Fit in by standing out.....
Written by
Pam Lee-miller
August 2011
Written by
Pam Lee-miller
August 2011

Too short, too tall, flower against a wall,

The last one chosen to play,

Too smart, too dumb, too strange a place to be from,

same shoes everyday.

With all the ways to be different,

then maybe that's how you fit in,

by standing out in a crowd.

sang by Trisha Yeargood


Why be afraid,

perhaps it's your gift,


strange slang,

eclectic ways,


Why be plain

or green to blend in,

wear your color,

don't cover it up,

hold your head tall,

proud to be.

Our gifts are different in all kinds of ways,

all meant for a purpose,

to make the world rhyme,


go ahead and do it,

don't be afraid,

stand tall and have some courage,

go ahead,

color the world

it's your way to fit in.

Stand Tall.


For the longest time, I tried and tried to blend in,

wear my plain green color,

hide under someone's leaf,

Today I am quite different,

in my feathery kind of way,

I spike it up,

spread it out,

color asplash,

I am kinda different,

in all kinds of ways,

don't need to be covered,

or bothered,

I am who I am,

standing tall among the weeds,

I fit in

by standing out.


So begin your week with gladness


put your color on,

Today is your day,


fit in by standing out!!!!!


Happy Monday.

Hugs and Blessings.


"be a good day"

Let me know how you stood out today.......

leave me a comment or two.






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