The Time Is Now
Written by
Karen M Croley
August 2011
Written by
Karen M Croley
August 2011



Yes, the time is now. Many people are experiencing great hardship (emotionally and financially). It seems like a crazy world right now with all of the natural disasters and extreme weather. With these kinds of conditions, living a happy life can seem almost impossible.
But what if.. what if you changed your perspective? For example, I have learned and have come to believe that the world/our planet is the way it is because change is needed. Yes, the time is now for people to change. The fact is that we are all interconnected- there is no separation. Physics have proven this over and over again. ( So because we have lived this way for thousands of years, we are now having to purge all the garbage we collected during that time. It's time to clean house. And remember who you are. May I have the honor of reminding you that you are a spark of the divine essence of God? You are perfect, whole and complete as you are right now in this moment. It was the idea of separation (in all forms) that shaped your belief that you are alone and imperfect, instead of interdependent on everyone and everything around you.
Once we get this- that we are co-creaters - we can begin to change and create a planet where love and interconnectedness is the foundation. How do we get there? It is my opinion, that we stop and tune in. We listen. We remember our heart space/center. The heart is our power center for feeling and inner knowing. The heart is our guidepost - a truer guidance center than our brain/mind/ego. For more practical purposes, we re-use, recycle and utilize alternative energy. We remodel our systems of money, welfare, energy expenditure, education, and law. It can seem overwhelming when you consider these things, but not if you go back to the basics: stop, tune in and listen to your heart space/center.

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