Seven Virtues Flash Fiction: Chastity
Written by
Lena Corazon
August 2011
Written by
Lena Corazon
August 2011
I'm a little behind on Lady Antimony's 7 Virtues flash fiction event, which began yesterday, but as I see it, better late than never!  I can't pass up a challenge, and this one is exciting: Seven virtues, seven days, 100 words each.

While the virtues seem to call for sparkly goodness, rainbows, and unicorns, I seem to skewing towards the dark side (blame it on writing a murder mystery set in the gritty world of the Barbary Coast).  The likelihood of seeing heavenly angels and cherubim among my stories for this challenge is highly unlikely, but hey, I might change my mind.

Be sure to follow the #7Virtues hashtag on Twitter to read the other entries from the wonderful writers participating in the challenge.

This is my first time writing flash fiction, so be gentle. :D  Without further ado, I present my offering for Chastity.



“Blessed mother, give me strength."

The warrior's voice was thin, reduced to a rusty rasp from a night of ceaseless prayer.  He shut his eyes, groaning, for the woman before him was clad only in a thin shift.  White, it left little to the imagination.

"Watch over your servant." His voice trembled as the woman moved towards him. "Sh-shield me from temptation..."

Pale fingers reached out. He shrank back, though the rope about his wrists and ankles prevented him from going very far.

“Keep me pure.” He shuddered and turned away; she was tugging the shift over her head.

“Forgive me.”


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