Moonlight Mile, by Dennis Lehane
Written by
Barbara Morrison
August 2011
Written by
Barbara Morrison
August 2011

In this sequel to Gone, Baby, Gone Lehane brings back Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. That brilliant and disturbing book centered on their search for the missing four-year-old Amanda. Now, twelve years later Patrick and Angie are the parents of their own little girl, Gabriella. Patrick is struggling to make a living as a private detective while Angie finishes her master’s degree, but the tough economy has him reluctantly hoping to turn piece-work for a big firm into a permanent job. Unfortunately, as he’s told by his contact there, he’ll have to lose his attitude first. Then Bea McCready, Amanda’s aunt, turns up and demands that Patrick find Amanda, now 16 and once again missing.

Sequels are risky business. You have the advantage of starting with characters who are likely to be familiar to the reader, but then you have the difficult task of providing enough characterisation and backstory so new readers won’t feel left out while not boring your loyal longtime readers. Lehane’s decision to let so much time pass between the two books gives him a way out of that dilemma: while still recognisably the same, the characters have aged and changed.

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