BlogHer 2011 - Stories From the Front #2
Written by
Monica Medina
August 2011
Written by
Monica Medina
August 2011
She Writers, I am humbled. Indeed, I am in awe of the many talented people I am meeting here at BlogHer '11, who have blogs with a purpose.

One blogger I met writes about infertility and the struggle to get pregnant. Another writes about children with special needs. I met Karen, who writes for cats and about cats. Imagine that. I also met Trey who writes a blog called Daddy Mojo. Dominque has written a book and it's about to come out in paperback. It's called, "Slow Love - How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, and Found Happiness." I love the title, and the premise, but, She Writers, there's something missing.


I have now met 78 bloggers and writers, but only one of them is a She Writes member! And that's Sidney from Burbank, California. As for all the other bloggers I've met today, know that they will be receiving an invite from me to become a She Writes member soon.

Which just goes to show you, we have lots of work to do in getting our friends and family who write to come and join our fabulous community! So take a moment to think about who you know that writes, and ask them whether they're a member. Remember, you are all She Writes ambassadors and soon, you will also be the answer to your friends' prayers. That is, Once they realize She Writes full potential.

Next year's BlogHer conference will be in NYC, August 5-8. Registration is now open and if you sign up now you'll receive a 20% discount all this month. I expect to see more of you there. A whole She Writes delegation! Standing tall, standing proud, shoulder to shoulder, and knowing we are all part of the best resource around for women writers.

And that's my two cents.

Let's be friends

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  • Your blog post has a nice tone and writing style. Also, I like that your mentioned inviting other women to join She Writes. That reminds of someone that I want to invite. Thanks.

  • MCatherine

    Hi Monica,

    I am reasonably new to SW and working to 'reach out' to make connections with other members + 'keep up' with my associations here as well as a few other spots...YIKES! It's almost a full-time job and I already have two!

    I've sent you a 'friends' request. Extending an invitation to drop by and say hello by leaving links to blog 1 where I share what I learning about being a boutique home-based biz entrepreneur and blog 2 about my performing arts career and the decision to 'morph into author'.

    Since I live in Oregon, most likely I will not be attending the conference, but I'll look forward to reading all everyone has to report!

    Very nice to meet you and I'll be dropping by with regards for Nelle, Leah, Jeanne, Sidney and Lauren too!


    Hide A Heart

  • Anand Querying

    Say hi to Denise Tanton for me. In fact, give her a hug, and say it is from RE. She'll know.

  • Leah Singer

    I'm sending my thoughts as a SheWrites member.

  • jeanne adwani

    Hi there.. I'm a member of she writes and not very active, tho' I think about it all the time.  I do write a poetry blog everyday.  would love to have it connected up with anyone here.  What do you suggest?  Thanks. jeanne

  • Sidney Patrick

    Oh my gosh! I commented as soon as I saw your face and before I read your post. I am often an idiot like that. Thank  you so much for the mention!!!

  • Lauren Marie Fleming

    I'm here too! Let;s meet up! Tweet me. @QueerieBradshaw