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  • I Love Linkups and Writing Prompts...Do You? Here is a list of ones i have found!
I Love Linkups and Writing Prompts...Do You? Here is a list of ones i have found!

Hi everybody.

I have only been blogging with conviction for about 7 months! As a professional visual artist i have been blown away by how much i am loving writing...it's becoming, dare i say it, a passion!

This blogworld is such a new discovery as are writing prompts and bloghops and linkups! i adore them.

Firstly, i am always amazed by how a random prompt will delve into my memory bank of long forgotton moments and pull something out with a loud DAADDDAAAAAAAAAA! A new post, already formed just demanded to be let free!

Secondly, I just adore comparing all the different approaches to the same prompt! It would seem we all have memory banks to pull from, so fascinating in their differences.

Thirdly, it has been the best way i have found of finding great new blogs and also having people find me!

Do you agree?

Do you take part in any linkups or write from writing prompts?

Do you host one?

Would love to find out more!

Here are a list of the linkups i have found and write for.

Mama's Losin' It!.....Mamakats writing workshop.Prompts sent out tuesday and linkup on Thursday.

http://thereddressclub.blogspot.com/The Red Dress Club....Prompts sent out Friday link up Tuesday for the Memoir 'Remembered' prompt.

 For the fiction/non-fiction prompt 'Red Riding Hood'...prompts sent out tuesday and link u[ FridaY

Imperfect Prose do a wonderful linkup on Thursdays here http://canvaschild.blogspot.com/

The Lightening and the Lightening Bug do a great Dare to Share Linkup here.http://thewriteandthewrongword.blogspot.com/

Maxabella Loves...does a lovely, 'I'm Grateful For' weekly linkup herehttp://www.maxabellaloves.blogspot.com/

Our Way To Learn does a Friday photo linkup called 'Attitude Of Gratitude'here http://ourwaytolearn.blogspot.com/

And I do my own over at Flight Platform Living called 'Forget-Me-Not Friday' here...http://textgeorge.blogspot.com/    Prompts go out Sunday and linkup on Friday. This linkup/bloghop not only shares our best writing but is also a platform to share the faces of the many special needs orphans waiting for families, as i add a gallery of faces every week and many fundraisers link up as well. I would adore you to stop by, take part and help me spread the word!

So now over to you! Share your ideas, share your linkups and tell me what your dream linkup would be if it doesn't yet exist?

all my love jane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Bridget Straub

    I want to see your art. You have me curious. As for links, I don't think I've really figured out how they work. I'm sure there is a very simple step I'm missing, but missing it I am.