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  • THE TRANSITION NETWORK - Celebrating Our 'Pride of Age' Birthdays.
THE TRANSITION NETWORK - Celebrating Our 'Pride of Age' Birthdays.
Written by
Karin Lippert
July 2011
Written by
Karin Lippert
July 2011


By Karin Lippert, 67

Are we the most engaged and empowered generation of women over 50 in recorded history? Most days it certainly feels like it. Not only are we 37 million strong, but our generation is the first to truly embrace second adulthood and celebrate our ‘Pride of Age” birthdays.

Among the national organizations creating a road map for our generation and a voice for women who continue to change the rules is The Transition Network (TTN). Founded ten years ago, TTN has become a national community of women – 50 and forward – who support each other as they continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.

TTN is a community of vibrant women with chapters in thirteen locations around the country – from New York to California (http://www.thetransitionanetwork.org).

Last week, I had the wonderful experience of being with TTN New York City members at their 10th Annual Dinner – a joyous celebration of their continued growth as a national organization, commitment to the Caring Collaborative and Milestone Birthdays.

Four Special Stories from the Evening’s ‘Pride of Age’ Celebrants:

Madeleine Payamps, 60
Thursday, May 26 – was my 60th birthday. I celebrated by leaving a corporate job that was no longer fulfilling. Although I could have just settled in for another five years or so, I knew I would never be able to quiet that deafening voice inside my head that kept asking me, “Is this it?” So, instead of being frozen in fear of the unknown, I chose to take a huge leap of faith to pursue my passion — coaching women in transition — just like me. Without even realizing it, I’d been preparing for this moment for many years. Our finances are solid, I’m healthy and fit, and I’m ready for the next big thing! Life without a cubicle? Bring it on!

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